CHANEL Camellia CC Drop Earrings

The lavishly dramatic sparkle of CHANEL's camellia earrings in 18k white gold and diamonds are artfully created, with the finest gems in the world, by highly skilled hands of CHANEL craftsmen. An outfit is surely to be enhanced as soon as you put them on. Trying to achieve the look with replica earrings is useless, however, as the fakes are surely to be deficient in CHANEL detailing and distinction.

Among our favorites are the camellia earrings in yellow gold and white agate, drop CC style, which can be worn all day, everyday regardless of where you go. They naturally flatter your hair, makeup, and outfit.

Why the camellia? Coco Chanel savored the absence of scent and the simple beauty of the blossoms. Symbolizing purity in heart, and then becoming a source of inspiration, may have been reasons why Coco adorned herself, her home, and her high jewelry collections with artistic renderings of the bloom.

Beware of fake CHANEL jewelry. Fakes lack high quality and value of true CHANEL. Replica CHANEL camellia earrings would likely squelch any iconic significance, deep meaning and the art form of the master craftsman of the original.